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There’s little doubt that Christmas means different things to different people. It’s a time of year for family, friends, food, parties and celebration. At Ugly Sweater Season, we know that Christmas could become an all-year round celebration, thanks to our unique and playful take on all things Christmas.

We believe that “Ugly” is the new “Gorgeous”, especially when it comes to Christmas sweaters and putting the fun back in the season. With our colorful collection of Ugly Christmas Sweaters, we inject humor into the tradition of Christmas, welcoming everyone to celebrate the spirit of the Christmas season in a joyful and lighthearted way.

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

Wearing an ugly Christmas sweater is the latest way to bring family and friends together and throwing an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, a Secret Santa Party or even a White Elephant Party, is the ultimate way to spread some holiday joy, which is what we believe the Christmas season is truly all about. Isn’t it?

As you browse our featured collection and find the perfect ugly sweater for you and those you love, we suggest that instead of thinking of these Christmas Sweaters as ugly or tacky, to view them as a brand new way to see the true meaning of the words party and celebration.

Dress yo’ self, before you wreck yo’ self!!

Here at Ugly Sweater Season we offer a new way to dress yourself up, bring a smile to the faces of those you love and to ultimately experience the Ugly Christmas Sweater phenomenon in your own unique way you’re excited to share with others.

Whether you love elves or Christmas trees, tinsel or snowflakes, Santa Claus or his reindeer, we invite you to join the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party revolution and have a blast celebrating! Ugly Sweater Season has the perfect sweater for you to experience Christmas….any day of the year.

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