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Best Selling Christmas Sweaters

The Christmas sweater…a fond festive tradition.
For many of us, Christmas would not be complete without the obligatory unflattering Christmas sweater. We all have a great aunt or well meaning uncle who loves to inflict a new ugly sweater on us every year by way of a Christmas gift. In fact, these sweaters are the reason why so many of us are so good at our ‘oh, you shouldn’t have! I love it!’ faces when really we are thinking ‘woah that is ugly!’. Such faces are mandatory when opening the aforesaid Christmas sweater, and stand us in good stead in many other situations throughout our lives.

Office Party Wear

Why wear a little black dress when you could don an ugly Christmas sweater? Office Christmas sweater parties and other festive occasions are nearly upon us, and these are the perfect times to showcase your lack of taste in Christmas sweaters! Add a pair of flashing reindeer horns or a red Rudolph nose to complete your office party look. has the ideal ugly sweater for you!

OK here’s a secret

our ugly Christmas sweaters are so overbearingly festive that they are actually totally lovable and cute. We have even heard people say that these sweaters are…gasp!….some of their favorite Christmas sweaters to wear for the holidays. From pet themed sweaters to classic Santa designs, and from Olaf the cheery snowman from ‘Frozen’ to the unmistakable Minion characters, our sweaters feature creative, quirky and recognizable designs that will help to bring festive cheer to any occasion. Take a look at our range of best sellers and have fun choosing the design that is just right for you.